Who is Hudson United Mortgage?

Hudson United Mortgage is a wholly owned subsidiary of Better Homes and Gardens Rand Realty, with corporate offices at 95 South Middletown Road, Suite B, Nanuet, NY.


Flexibility + Control

Our real estate company sells all kinds of property to all kinds of people. As such, Hudson United Mortgage is a mortgage brokerage, with total flexibility to place loans with any of the multiple lenders that have signed on with us. Every major lender who does business in NY wants a piece of the Rand account, and are willing to compete aggressively to get it, which means great rates and limitless loan options.


Better by Design.

Our design is simple, yet powerful. We brought the processing for real estate brokerage, mortgage financing and title insurance together in one location. For the first time, most of the moving parts of the real estate closing process are taking place together. We literally eliminated the walls between the different parts of the transaction. The result is a simpler, faster process with more fluid communication and more seamless execution.

Faster Closings, Happier Clients.

Our objective is to be ready to close faster than our competition. By controlling the processes, we will be ready for any closing date, as early as 30 days from contract signing. Our mission is to render the old way of buying real estate obsolete.